Hello 2012!

Hello 2012! I am ready for whatever it brings…. especially Jennifer’s new baby if she (that’s just my opinion) finally decides to arrive. I have a renewed sense of purpose and intentions.

Someone asked me today if I had any New Year’s resolutions and I really had to think about what that might be. I think we all live our lives to the best of our abilities, so the only thing that I can come up with is that I need to not stress about things that I have no control over.

And clutter is not one of those things!

The de-cluttering bug that lingered just outside all through the holiday season knocked at the door and demanded to be let in. Time to pack up Christmas until next year and as I’m at it I’m pulling things down out of the cupboards that didn’t get any use throughout the year… or the strays that somehow made it onto my shelf. My husband said, “I thought you were putting away Christmas, not reorganizing the cupboards!” “I know, I know… it just feels too good to just stop at putting the decorations away.” I replied.

Truthfully, as a Stager, you might think that my own home is gorgeous and clutter-free… but like most of you, I have a life and a family and my house is a place for living. My house is gorgeous to me, but definitely not clutter-free. In staging our approach is minimalist, pared down design. I often think as I look around these beautiful staged spaces that I wish I could live there or that I could live ‘like that’. The reason it feels so good to be in these staged properties is the allowance for negative space. What you are noticing is breathing room.

So it’s out with the old and in with the….nothing. I don’t have to fill these newly created voids with anything. Negative space in any aspect in our lives creates opportunity. It clears room for new ideas and inspiration. It creates a seat next to you for someone to sit down and tell you something new.

I love what I do; staging is so much fun! It’s creative and I get to see the interiors of so many fabulous homes and help show them to their best advantage (play for me). It gives me my breathing room. Happy 2012, and I wish you, Peace in your Space.