Fall For Colour!

The wind is whistling through the eaves and warm glows emanate from fireplaces. We are well on our way into Fall on the west coast!

With the changing of the seasons comes the subtle change of the colours we like to use in our staging projects. We are most inspired by the colours we see outside and love the balance that happens when we bring them in.


Think modern mid-century. Think pumpkin orange, avocado green and earthy browns. Since these tend to be bolder colours, we find they work best as accents in an otherwise neutral room. We like the Fall feel to be subtle and not dark or overbearing.


Using textiles, art work and accessories in Fall colours really helps warm up a room and signals that Fall has definitely arrived!


If Fall is the season for selling your home, give us a call and see how staging can ensure your home sells quickly and stress-free.