Your Stager's Toolkit

Every time we start a new staging project, there are new challenges to tackle and different elements to consider.

What stays the same each time is our handy toolkits. In here is where we keep all the necessary tools of the trade that help make staging your home easy, efficient and beautiful.

We thought it would be fun to show you some of our secrets in case you have a budding stager on your Christmas list.

Most of these items would fit perfectly into a stocking and all can be found at a Home Depot or Canadian Tire.


1. A level is a fast way to ensure a beautiful grouping of photos is perfect.

2. Floor savers protect our client’s floor, and our reputation. 

3. Magic erasers can eliminate all pesky scuff marks on walls.

4. A little putty goes a long way to help keep pictures straight.

5. Furniture gliders make moving a couch a breeze.

6. An Allen key is your all-purpose pocket-sized helper.


In addition to these handy items, we always have a hammer, nails, tape measure and a good bar of chocolate with us.
Is there anything we’re missing that you think would be a good addition to our tools of the trade? Leave a comment below!