Adventures in Staging Part One

Over many years of pulling together wonderful staging projects, we’ve had our fair share of stressful moments where we knew we would laugh later. Sometimes much later.

One of our favourite recent predicaments happened with a client who lived in a tiny townhouse near Vancouver General Hospital. They had too much furniture so we assigned them the homework of getting rid of it. When the day came for us to stage the home and get photos taken, the furniture was still there, so we offered to take care of it.

Posting pictures of the items on Craigslist labelled FREE helped clear out most of the furniture quickly, but one monstrous chair remained. Any callers enquiring couldn’t come right away and the clock was ticking.

Finally a gentleman arrived to claim the chair, but he was riding in a tiny Ford Fiesta hatchback. We looked at the car, at the chair and back again and thought, ‘there is NO WAY he is going to make this work.’

But just as we are able to surprise ourselves with what we can pull together in a fit of brilliance, he never doubted himself. Somehow he manoeuvred the chair onto the roof of his car, secured it with string and happily drove away with one arm out the window hanging on to the chair for dear life.

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image via

We laughed the whole rest of the afternoon thinking about his ride home.