Behind The Scenes of Staging

We’re often asked about the projects we take on, the challenges, and the moments that make us laugh, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to share some insights and favourite memories with you.

Our Favourite Staging Scenarios:

Jennifer McPherson – Senior Property Stylist/Managing Director
I enjoy working on vacant staging projects because I get to start with a blank canvas and create something purely from my own vision. But the challenge of working with a client’s furniture and finding the perfect accessory to pull the whole look together is also so satisfying and exciting to reveal to a client. How many jobs are there where your clients hug you when you are finished?

Cindy Stocker – Senior Property Stylist/Managing Director
I love sourcing a new project – I review all the photos of the space, head into the warehouse, and turn on some great music. I always begin with the large pieces of furniture to properly fill the space. I then choose all my artwork, as it’s the jumping off point for the rest of the design, and will dictate the colours of bedding, pillows and accessories. It’s fun to watch each room take shape in front of me, like a magazine layout.

Caroline Roussy – Senior Property Stylist
I love when the job is done and the client comes homes and loves it. It’s like I’m living in an episode of HGTV!



Our Favourite Funny Staging Moments:

A recent project that Caroline and I were working on comes to mind. The client had a large mirror that he wanted us to hang in the dining room. We have never come across a mirror this heavy in all our years of staging. To top it all off, it was wintertime so we were wearing warm clothing and the suite was really hot. We were sweating with the effort and having to pause to remove a layer of clothing periodically. Then of course our hands were so sweaty and we were laughing so hard, we could barely grip the mirror to lift it into place. It’s times like these that we are happy to be alone in the suite to do our work. Not something you would want an audience for. We finally did successfully hang the mirror, and the accomplishment could only be described as epic.

I remember staging a beautiful Penthouse suite at 838 West Hastings.  The clients wanted us to use real beds, not our usual staging prop beds (they look beautiful, but you wouldn’t want to sleep on one!) Our bed skirt was too small for the real bed, so we went back to the warehouse for a second bed skirt. After we checked it for size, we went back to the property and it was also too small.  By this time it was late, we really wanted to wrap things up, and we’d already been offsite once. Let’s just say the air was blue with a mixture of really colourful words and our laughter as I took a pair of scissors to the bed skirt and MADE IT FIT! We still have that bed skirt and it makes us laugh every time it pops up in a project!

Do YOU Have What it Takes to Be a Professional Stager?

You have to really love it in order to be okay with the unique traits of the job: long hours, hard physical work, unexpected challenges popping up every day, and not knowing what you will be doing more than a week in advance.

If you would like to join a staging team you should have a great sense of design, love to work with deadlines, be easy-going, flexible, positive and enjoy working as part of a team (or sisterhood.)

Roll your sleeves up, throw out your heels and white pants, and do it because you love it.