How To Create A Gallery Wall

Let’s talk about wonderful walls!

While we love the dramatic look of one large print dominating a wall and creating conversation, we also can appreciate the look of a well-executed gallery wall.

Whether you wish to display family photos, favourite landscapes, estate sales finds or new favourite art work, there is always a way to create a striking balance with a gallery wall.

Here are a few examples we found online that you could replicate in your own home with a little patience, prep time and a good leveling tool.

Here are 65 different ways you can choose, frame and lay out your photos. (via Settings for Four)


These tips for creating variety and interest in your gallery wall are great. (via Daisy Mae Belle)


This is a budget-conscious way to create a striking gallery wall with pieces from Ikea and Instagram photos. (via Atkinson Drive)


Finally, if you just want to gaze at other’s gallery walls for some colourful inspiration, here are 25 examples that make for some fun viewing. (via Elegance and Enchantment)


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