Soaring Ceilings At An Upper Kitsilano Staged Property

While the Vancouver weather swings from grey skies to unseasonably warm May weekdays, we’re inside staging some amazing properties. One of our recent projects was this airy Kitsilano townhouse that will be someone’s dream home in no time. Let’s take a little tour.

Look at those vaulted ceilings! The light is so stunning in this beautiful open layout that we wanted to keep the furnishings simple and subtle.


A dark eye-catching fireplace is balanced by lighter touches in the living room. Shades of grey, yellow and green along with some unexpected funky patterns and a great throw rug draw you right into this cozy space.


A dedicated dining room that is spacious and serene inspires many home-cooked meals. Soft but dramatic artwork add some interest and texture to the space.


Bright bedding, elegant lighting and breezy curtains make this bedroom a serene spot. Also – we believe that a tall headboard ensures a great night’s sleep.


Contact our friend and realtor Gabe Bandel for more information on this gorgeous space.

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