Bed(rooms), Bath(rooms) and Beyond!

Tucked away in our gallery are some of our most memorable staging projects.

Today we’d like to highlight a few of our favourites from our Bedroom and Bathroom series. Perhaps they will inspire you to refresh your current spaces.

Staging a bedroom has its challenges – there will always need to be certain furniture and furnishings. With our eye for a comfortable yet stylish space, we are always up for the challenge.


Framing the bed with delicate yet striking wall hangings is one of our favourite techniques.

The natural light pouring in (no curtains!) makes the space appear larger and warmer. You want to create an inviting space where buyers can envision themselves curling up at the end of a long day. A bedroom should be a stylish sanctuary and we believe we achieved this with these staged bedrooms.

A beautifully staged bathroom will be free from clutter but also have the illusion that it is ready for you to jump in the shower and prepare for your day.

Subtly placed towels and toiletries ensure these bathrooms have a flow that makes sense.

Your eyes will be drawn to the details but also to how the room is lit, the clean lines and gentle colour schemes. A bathroom is often ignored in a home, used solely as a utilitarian space, but by staging them as an extension of the bedroom we create a warm haven for your potential buyers to fall in love with.

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