Consistent, Positive and Enthusiastic!

As a Vancouver Area REALTOR®, I’ve been working with Urban Presentations since 2008, when I began exploring the possibility of outsourcing my staging services, which I had previously maintained in house.  I’ve watched this company grow from its infancy and since 2011, I’ve seen them really take things to the next level, entrenching themselves as a major presence in the local real estate market. Yet somehow, they’ve managed to maintain a consistent standard of service throughout, with the charm and efficiency of a boutique company…the same one I remember…who clearly loves what they do and always puts the needs and concerns of their clients first.

Urban Presentations Have Done An Excellent Job In Staging My Townhome

Urban Presentations have done an excellent job in staging my townhouse. I was able to sell it fast as it received a lot of attention just from being viewed online because of the staging. Jennifer and Cindy just did a magnificent job. I especially thank Jennifer for her professionalism and skill in creating a unique look for the perfect presentation. I highly recommend this company for anyone considering staging their home in Vancouver. It is definitely worth it.