The Cost of Home Staging - Do You Need To Spend A Fortune To Stage Your Home?

Home Staging is quickly becoming an expected component of a homeowner’s preparation for selling their home in Canada, especially in Vancouver.  This prospect can strike fear into the hearts of homeowners.  It’s not because they don’t want to stage their home or because they don’t like the way it looks.  Instead, it is usually because they mistakenly believe that it’s going to cost a fortune.  Not so! In fact, home staging can be done at a very affordable price and can add so much perceived value to your home so you are more likely to get a higher price for it!

"If I Can Smell It, I Can't Sell It" And Other Staging DIY Advice

We know there are a few DIY’ers out there and more power to you – it all comes down to time, money and energy.  We get to see a lot of properties in our travels and quite a few attempts at pre-staging before we arrive on the scene, and we thought we would take a moment to identify a few SELF STAGING DON’T’S.