Staging in Vancouver BC

A Wonderful West 3rd Property

Every day we are privileged to work with fantastic realtors and homeowners to help make their properties pop. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we love our job!

So, when we receive feedback like this, we know our passion for each project shines through for others to see too.

A South Main Property That Really Shines

Our recent staging project on South Main (SoMa for those in the know), was for an intelligently designed and beautifully bright property in the Shine building. Within this clever space we used minimal design elements so that the clean lines and architectural features could truly pop. Let’s take a peek!

Staging A Vancouver Special

Our latest staging project was quite a special home – a Vancouver Special to be exact. If you’re unfamiliar, a Vancouver Special is a home with a specific architectural style that was prevalent in our city for a stretch between 1965-1985.