How To Stage Your Home Over The Holidays

‘Tis the season and you’ve decided to list your property over the holidays. Keeping up appearances is never easy at the best of times. But add in house guests, social events and showings, and you might wonder if you’ve bitten off a little too much gingerbread.

Never fear. Urban Presentations has some tips to help keep your ho-ho-home ready for viewing.


We all know that a clean and de-cluttered home is the foundation of being market-ready. So, when it comes to holiday décor keep it simple. Potential buyers should walk away talking about the great space, not the collection of seasonal décor you’ve accumulated over the years.

Keep the bows, embroidered towels, garlands and displays of inflated snowmen in storage. Instead try simple glass vases filled with shiny holiday balls, a mantel with tasteful seasonal floral arrangements, and a card organizer to wrangle your holiday greetings.

Welcome buyers and guests with a fresh wreath or potted display of seasonal greens at the door. If a Christmas tree is a family tradition, chose a small narrow tree to keep the space open, and save the display of gifts under the tree for Christmas Eve.

To avoid always tidying up, get some baskets at the dollar store for personal items in the bathrooms, bed sides, dresser tops, and kid’s rooms. They are an inexpensive way to stay organized and they slide away under beds or in drawers on short notice.

If you’re expecting house guests for the holidays, be sure to empty a dresser drawer and make some closet space. Tuck their travel bags in storage and provide them with a basket or two!

Remember how powerful our sense of smell is. Baby, it’s cold outside, but cracking windows to let a little fresh air in the house is a great way to to remove the smell of those Brussels sprouts, pets, spices and frying. Even overwhelming artificial holiday scents can stop you cold at the door.

Truly, at a time of year where it can easily get overwhelming, keeping things simple is both relaxing and inviting.

Of course to really get it right with no stress at all, you can always give us a call